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Night Lamp with Sound

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This soft-sounding night lamp makes it easier for your baby to feel safe and fall asleep on their own. With 28 relaxing sounds, it can create a comfortable atmosphere to coas your baby into sweet sleep. The sounds are live recordings from nature with relaxing ambient sounds like rain, brook, lullaby, etc. 

The minimum volume of 45dB is barely noticable and with a wide range of volume levels (32), this device is developed with the safety of your baby's ears in mind.

The 2700K soft light source can reduce your baby's anxiety and coax them into sleep quickly.

Featuring 3 timer options 30, 60, 90 min, you can leave the sound machine on all night. 

The memory function can remember your last sound and volume settings. 

Size: 10*15cm
Material: ABS
Colour: white
Package Contents:
1 * White Noise Machine
1 * USB cable
1 * Manual


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lessie O'Connell

It get well packed and without any scratch already I try my little girl and she's happy, good lighting for her room. I recommend to 100%.

Ernesto Gutkowski

Recommend the product 100%

Marcelina Bins

Exactly as described. It's adorable and perfect for my kids at night.

Weston McCullough

It's a warm light and it's very cute.

Brennan Hoeger

Recommend this night lamp. My daughter loves it and it is sooo much easier to get her calm and to fall in sleep. 5 star